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the nationals were in town recently and i went to see them and their impressive lighting work. then again, i don’t go to many high profile music shows so they could be comparatively shoddy. but do many concerts have spinning disco balls on stage? i didn’t think so…

they are a great band to watch perform live. i hadn’t heard of them before and while i’m not fully won over by their music, i can tell they’re fantastically talented and well deserve the mad love they received from toronto.


i’m on a roll today. finding things, when of course i should be working.

i remember watching a video on bbc of little boots performing with a nifty gadget. she was singing, playing the piano and using that japanese pokey light machine, which i now know is called the tenori-on. well this other smart person has created something similar online. because what good is the twenty first century if you can’t access everything from on your bed. it’s awesomely enjoyable.