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my last summer was spent streaming nature documentaries. for i lead a riveting life.

my favourite series was stephen fry and mark carwardine’s brilliant bbc show called last chance to see, which i can only say is very very good. the premise is that fry and carwardine (a zoologist, writer, photographer and other things as well) seek out animals at the brink of extinction. a follow up to a similar thing carwardine and douglas adams had done about twenty years earlier for a bbc radio thing and a book with the same title.

when i found out about that, i wanted to read it, naturally. but i didn’t really bother looking for it, naturally. but then about a month later, what do i find left behind by someone who moved out of my building? this:

it was, as stephen fry would say, most serendipitous. or my exact words, “awesomesauce!”.

i read the book. twice. like the show, it is very very good. sure it’s about how delicate a balance our world is in and how people have been exceptionally short sighted when it comes to respecting bio-diversity. all downers. but the incredible hard work of the conservationists that adams and carwardine (and fry in the documentary) meet is the real eye-opener for me. clearly they’re off their rockers if they think they can achieve something with so little support or time, and for that i’m thankful.

another reason to be thankful…it introduced me to the kakapo, king of crazy birds: