answer: very.




who is this george formby and where has he been all my life? how entertaining is this weird old song?

i rarely ever get to see honda mo-bikes these days, so two in the same evening is weird indeed. loved the red. and a dark car that looked interesting in a very you-had-to-be-there kind of way. taking detours should be a philosophy to live by.

mj is everywhere now. alas not always like this. werewolf, moonwalk, glitter and tickertape blood. yes please. directed by richard ayoade, comedian etc.

this sums up the loveliness of the afternoon, which is super convenient because I was too lazy to take any more photos.

the design may look a little too severe, but something about the black and orange cancels out the fact that it’s probably not super comfortable either. i want this bike very badly. so badly that i’m declaring my desire on a blog read by at least  two people. look at it closer. do it.



fifty years from now, my memories of this gym will still contain much too much nudity. even for 2059 A.D.

sway at the gym

edgar wright’s photoblog guarantees me ten minutes of entertainment every morning. but once in a while it really makes me sqeeeeee regardless of where i am (usually a cubicle).

i’ve never been one to kick up a riot when something i love is changed in the re-telling. But there are some things that, when kept true, carries the essence of the original to any adaptation. scott pilgrim is going to be a good one.


from edgarwrighthere

simple and powerful. weird how calarts’ been on my personal radar a lot lately.

who’s hungry? by david ochs, via kanye west blog