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still looks nothing like me. make your own:


the nationals were in town recently and i went to see them and their impressive lighting work. then again, i don’t go to many high profile music shows so they could be comparatively shoddy. but do many concerts have spinning disco balls on stage? i didn’t think so…

they are a great band to watch perform live. i hadn’t heard of them before and while i’m not fully won over by their music, i can tell they’re fantastically talented and well deserve the mad love they received from toronto.

my facination with fruit continues.


answer: very.



who is this george formby and where has he been all my life? how entertaining is this weird old song?

i rarely ever get to see honda mo-bikes these days, so two in the same evening is weird indeed. loved the red. and a dark car that looked interesting in a very you-had-to-be-there kind of way. taking detours should be a philosophy to live by.