I don’t want to sound too pompous (though I guess that’s exactly how I’m going to come across now), but it’s been a little over a month since project sinister and the writing has been getting neater and steadier (though not any more comfortable). Which just proves my point: there is no excuse for bad, illegible writing.

If I can write neatly with my third weakest limb (the left leg being the weakest) in a month, grown men and women who’ve had all their lives to use their dominant hand should not be scribbling half made-up sentences under any circumstances. I don’t know why I place such a high value on writing but when I come across the scribbles that some people call writing, I find that it’s easier to read the person than their message.

In this day and age, this might seem silly and redundant. Who even writes these days, you might ask. I guess pedants like me have driven normal people to invent new ways to avoid writing by hand. Acronyms, short hand, colloquialism and their greatest weapon of all, clear writing. It’s gone too far now and even they know it. The generation now has taken that laissez faire outlook and ran with to the edge, past the edge even and are floating now in a semi-surreal area of huh?

First the punctuation disappeared and then the vowels.

nvm no1 <3s ‘em NEwayz

Glasgow Sonnet No 1 - Edwin Morgan

Glasgow Sonnet No 1 - Edwin Morgan