it had to happen … just to keep me on my toes, because i’ve been neglecting training for project sinister (or project formerly known as dexter). what i’ve learnt is that the first steps are always the easiest. i can write legibly…but its the next step of perfecting the handwriting is where the boredom kicks in. from here on in its basically hacking away at practice, even though progress is minimal. it’s tough grueling work with little or no satisfaction.

if that sounds like overreaction to a seemingly mundane task (which i must admit i brought upon myself) then you would be right. it is mundane…that’s what makes it tough! writing stupidly repetitive things while also concentrating on it is mind-numbingly boring. i don’t think too many people do that for kicks … at least not since gutenberg starting mass producing bibles like bubblegum and blocking out the GVS from english orthography in the process (hole ‘nother subj.)

well anyhoo…thar be last week’s offering.