Reading the news this morning, I came across a feature on BBC that seemed mildly interesting. The end of the world is coming soon and most of us had no idea. Apparently, it’s a Wednesday, during tea time (in some part of the world surely).

I’ve never paid any attention to Wednesday. Wednesday is the plain Jane of the week, which for some inexplicable reason is generally hated by most everyone. Not sharp enough to be Monday or Tuesday and certainly not cool enough to end the week on.

Perhaps not anymore. Perhaps, Wednesday, having grown tired of its lacklustre reputation has hired a PR rep to sort out its sorry situation. “I need an image makeover,” it said walking into the glass-walled loft-converted offices of Big Bang PR. “Awesome, shitty, hip, annoying – I want to be anything but average”.

And so the PR guys put all their fuzzy heads together and came up with the idea for the most definitive and the wackiest of PR stunt in the history of the planet. Either this Wednesday will join the ranks of the great disappointment or we’ll all be wiped out of the map of the universe by giant spinny thing and it won’t matter that everyone f%#$& hates Wednesday. Its a win-win sitch.

I’m pretty sure that‘s all there is to it.